28 Day Challenge

This 28 day challenge is designed to open your heart and mind to knowing, modeling and following Jesus more closely. It is not a measure of discipleship, or a step-by-step plan, it is simply a tool to help us hear God.

Every day you will read three or four chapters of the story of Jesus, pray through a section of scripture (see more on praying scripture here), work on memorizing a passage of scripture, and, starting on day 8, join Front Range in the 21 Day Fast.

If you miss a day do your best to catch up. If you cannot catch up, then pick up where you left off rather than skipping ahead. The goal is to draw closer to Jesus, not simply finish the plan.

21 Day Fast

Beginning at sundown on January 17th, Front Range will start a 21 day fast to draw closer to God. Fasting is removing something from our natural, physical lives to focus on our spiritual lives with God. Fasting is voluntarily going without food — or any other regularly enjoyed, good gift from God, and is markedly counter-cultural in our world today.

Here are some recommendations for getting started:

Start small. If you have never fasted before, we don’t recommend going without food for all 21 days. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal where you should start, and give yourself a lot of grace!

Plan what you’ll do instead of eating/scrolling social media/etc. The intentionality is key here. If you’re fasting lunch each day, plan to fill that time with prayer, reading, or something else to draw you closer to God.

Consider how it will affect others. Fasting (and the honest frustration that can come with it) is no excuse to be unloving. Ask others to give you grace if you’re a daily coffee drinker who decides to go cold turkey! If you have regular lunches with colleagues or dinners with family or roommates, assess how your abstaining will affect them, and let them know ahead of time, instead of just being a no-show, or springing it on them in the moment that you will not be eating.

Join us!

We would love for you to join us in walking through this challenge together. Just use this simple form to let us know you are participating and to track your progress as we work together to draw closer to Jesus.

Need a Bible?

If you are in need of a Bible that you can easily understand, we would love to help. You can download the Bible App right now on your phone or go to bible.com on your device to have free immediate access to the entire Bible. We recommend using the NIV version of the Bible to start.

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