At Front Range, we believe God meets you where you are in every area of life and then loves you too much to let you stay there. As a part of that belief, we have helped define different levels of giving where people can identify where they are and then what their next step might be. We encourage every person to determine where they are in the giving process and then seek to take a next step in becoming more generous.

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You can give a one time gift or set up an automatic donation through our secure giving platform. Once you have completed your gift, you can quickly set up an account to view your giving history, manage your automatic gifts, or simply give again. This can all be done online or on your phone at any time.

Other Ways to Give

There are multiple ways to give to Front Range. You can give online, on your phone, by mail, or during one of our weekend services.

Where Does My Money Go?

At Front Range, we want to clearly communicate how your generosity is used to bless the needs of others. Here are a few ways that your generosity is used to help others and help the church.

Contagious Generosity

At Front Range, we believe God has called us to live out contagious generosity. All throughout history, God has displayed His generosity toward us. The greatest example of His generosity is found in John 3:16

Vision 2020

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