Front Range in Homes

We believe that the Church is a community and we are meant to worship and connect together in person whenever possible. As gathering restrictions begin to lift in Colorado, we are making plans to help small groups of people gather in homes to worship and connect with one another. We want to make this experience as simple as possible for Hosts and those engaging this opportunity.

Want to Host in your home?

With current restrictions, we need a higher number of homes available to meet the need of people wanting to connect. We want to make this as simple as possible! You do not need to teach a lesson or lead worship, in fact we’d prefer you don’t! We will provide a service package for your home to engage at a time that’s convenient for you.

If you would like to apply to host in your home, please fill out this application and we will be in touch. You can also check out the next section for a Toolkit to help you as you begin to host.

Want to join someone’s home?

If you are looking for a host home to connect with, fill out this quick form. We will try to connect you with a home near your location. Ideally, groups of 10 would be neighborhood-based to allow for local connection and care.

What about my kids?

With gatherings limited to 10 people or less, we want to help figure out some options to benefit both adults and kids in a way that allows you to engage in worship. Here are some recommended options you can use:

  • If your family and home situation allows for it, your kids can engage in worship with you.
  • If you would like to have adults and kids focus on their own worship experience, someone in your 10 can volunteer their home to be the “Kid Home” where the kids can engage the Family Worship Experience (on our Parent Connect page).
    • Parents in your 10 could rotate who is with the children and gets to lead their worship experience
    • Front Range can reach out to our Kids Ministry Dream Team members to try and match their availability with your meeting time and those Dream Team members could host and lead the kids in their experience.

If you would like to help serve with kids for a family, fill out this form.

Reach out to us with questions or other creative ideas you may have for gathering to worship and connect together.

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