Special Needs

Better Together Special Needs Ministry exists to strengthen family bonds by bringing all members with special needs and their families the hope, joy, community and love of Christ. It is offered at our 10:45 service each Sunday.

Where to Go:  Upon arriving at our church, our parking team can direct you to our special needs parking by the entrance. Indicate your interest in the special needs parking by turning on your flashers. Once in the building, our greeters will gladly assist you and your family to the check in area for your children. Once checked in, you will be shown to the Special Needs Room at our church. This is where your child can be dropped off and picked up each week.

Drop-off and Pick-up: We utilize an electronic check-in system to expedite drop-off on a weekly basis and to ensure each child’s safety. At your initial check-in, you will be asked for basic information and any known food allergies or medical conditions. To check your child in each week, you will be asked for your phone number or name, after which you and your child will receive matching alphanumeric tags. If you are needed during a service the three digit number on your tag will appear on the video screen in the adult auditorium indicating that you are needed to return to the classroom. This alphanumeric tag is also required when picking up your child. On your first visit, we will also ask for some basic information and talk with our leader so that we best know how to care for your family.

What They Do:  Better Together Special Needs Ministry offers specialized care for children with Special Needs. Our goal is to meet the needs of each individual. In order to do this, we have a special needs room in a place that creates a safe, quiet environment for each child to learn about Jesus. We have specialized visual schedules so each child has clear expectations. Within the classroom, children are offered an engaging and entertaining curriculum modified and tailored to that individual. We follow the same curriculum across all of our Kid’s Ministry environments. Our trained serve team leaders utilize videos, music, games, and much more to help children understand and remember that week’s story. We strongly believe that no matter the severity of need, each child can learn about God’s love.

Better Together Special Needs Ministry knows that having a child or family member with special needs does not end on Sunday mornings, therefore, we want to provide resources, marriage support, IEP trainings, sibling support, and a sense of community throughout the week. Our focus is for the entire family unit. We have many resources for all levels of need available to anyone and everyone.

To find out more information or to set up a special needs buddy for your child please email jenprosser@frontrange.org

Special Egg Hunt


This is an amazing community event designed for kids of all ages, including those with special needs. We have egg hunts designed for the hearing, vision, and mobility impaired, as well as age-specific traditional egg hunts. To find out more information about the special egg hunt visit specialegghunt.com or email jenprosser@frontrange.org


As a sponsor, you are partnering with us to give special needs families an opportunity to participate in a fun, family event that many of these kids have never had a chance to do. Visually impaired kids finding eggs that are beeping. Kids who are immobile are using a magnetic dowel rod to pick up magnetic eggs. Kids who have Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder are able to have a “quiet” hunt. Your partnership allows for these families to feel extra special. In addition, sponsors benefit from great promotional and community relations value. Sponsorships are tax-deductible. Here are the different sponsorship levels:

$1200 Platinum – A pre-event e-mail mention to all pre-registered participants, 4 social media posts, link to company on event website, a banner displayed at event, a spokesperson for a one-minute announcement at the event, booth space at the event, logo on event handout, logo on volunteer t-shirt, and a post-event e-mail mention to participants.

$800 Gold – A pre-event e-mail mention to all pre-registered participants, 2 social media posts, link to company on event website, a banner displayed at event, a thank you mention at event, logo on event handout, and a post-event e-mail mention to participants.

$400 Silver – A pre-event e-mail mention to all pre-registered participants, social media post, link to company on the event website, logo on event handout, and a post-event e-mail mention to participants.

Email JenProsser@frontrange.org for any questions or to become a sponsor.

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